Partner Organisations

The GP Confederation aims to be an organisation that is open, honest, responsive and works in partnership and collaboration with others.   The GP Confederation’s vision is to ensure that local communities have access to the best quality health care and services, and the Confederation is committed to working with partner organisations to achieve this.  Some of the key local partners that the GP Confederation works with include:

Service Integration

The GP Confederation continues to play a key role in relation to the development of new approaches to service integration to support partners across the health, social care and voluntary/community sectors to integrate care more effectively for patients with complex needs and those in the last years of life.  The work over the next couple of years will focus on an integrated approach to urgent care in order to provide patients with access to appropriate and timely advice, care and treatment.  The GP Confederation is working with local partner organisations to develop a Clinical Hub (known as the Single Point of Co-ordination) which will bring a group of senior clinicians together to provide clinical assessment, advice and treatment for patients requiring access to urgent care.  Four core multi-disciplinary teams will also be established at Quadrant level in order to deliver integrated care and support to patients.

Please contact Jennifer Walker at [email protected] or Laura Sharpe at [email protected] for further information about this work.