Our Governance

The GP Confederation is a Community Interest Company and is registered with Companies House.  The Confederation has an agreed Constitution in place in the form of its Articles of Association and Shareholders’ Agreement that was consulted on with GP member practices before practices signed up to membership of the Confederation in September 2014.

The Confederation’s Constitution sets out the role of the GP Confederation’s Clinical Board (the Board of Directors) as the governing body of the organisation.  The GP Confederation’s Clinical Board is made of 5 elected GPs – one of who is elected as Chair, with the other four made up of one elected representative from each Quadrant of the Borough.  Other Board members include an elected Practice Manager and Practice Nurse, two Lay members , and an appointed Chief Executive Officer and a Director of Finance and Information.

There are two sub-committees of the Board – the Audit Committee and the Remuneration Committee which are both chaired by the Board Lay Member with responsibility for Audit and Governance.

The GP Confederation Board meets every month, the Audit Committee meets 4 times a year, and the Remuneration Committee meets less frequently when a meeting is required. 

The GP Confederation’s Standing Orders are incorporated in the Confederation’s Articles of Association, and a scheme of delegation for the Confederation is in place.  The GP Confederation has robust governance arrangements in place to ensure that there are clear policies, procedures and systems in place around openness, transparency, probity, scrutiny of payments to GP practices, and managing conflicts of interest.  These include a Board and Staff Register of Interests, a Conflicts of Interest Policy, and a Standards of Business Conduct Policy.

The GP Confederation has appropriate indemnity and insurance cover in place, and is also registered with the Care Quality Commission, the independent healthcare regulator.

The GP Confederation takes a proactive approach to the management of risk, and has a well-established Risk Register in place which is updated on a quarterly basis and reviewed by both the Audit Committee and the Confederation Board.