Clinical Board Members

City and Hackney GP Confederation was established in October 2014 as a Community Interest Company (CIC) with a membership of 43 GP practices in City and Hackney, with a growing registered patient list size of around 307,000. The company is a not-for-profit organisation in which each of the GP practices in City and Hackney are equal shareholders. Each of the practices pay an annual membership fee to the Confederation based on the size of their registered practice list.

The GP Confederation has an agreed Constitution in place in the form of its Articles of Association and Shareholders' Agreement that was consulted on and agreed with GP member practices.

The GP Confederation's governing body is its Clinical Board (the Board of Directors) which is made up of five elected GPs - one of whom is elected as Chair, with the other four made up of one elected representative from each Quadrant of the borough. Other Board members include an elected Practice Manager and Practice Nurse, two Lay Members, and an appointed Chief Executive Officer and a Director of Finance and Information.

City and Hackney GP Confederation Clinical Board

Dr Deborah Colvin

GP Chair Director

Dr Sarah Williams

NE Quadrant GP Lead Director

Dr Nick Brewer

SE Quadrant GP Lead Director 

Dr Gopal Mehta

SW & City Quadrant GP Lead Director

Colin Jacobs

Practice Manager Director

Cynthia Conquest

Lay Member: Audit and Governance

Caroline Millar

Lay Member: Patient and Public Involvement

Laura Sharpe

Chief Executive Officer

Russell Barnes-Heath

Director of Finance and Information